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Automated Central System Offers Time Savings for Pharmacists

Cart-fill process using new automated system is more efficient, frees up time for other roles

FRIDAY, Feb. 16, 2018 (HealthDay News) — An automated central pharmacy system, Omnicell XR2, is helping pharmacists save time, allowing them to take on additional roles as part of a transition-of-care team, according to a report published in Drug Topics.

The cart-fill process using the new automated system is more efficient and frees up time for pharmacists. One of the advantages of the automated system is that it is model-agnostic and can work in a decentralized model using primarily automated dispensing cabinets on the floors, or in a more cart-fill-centric operation. The XR2 uses the same platform for either of these models.

Noting that many health system pharmacists have become involved with transition-of-care initiatives, in addition to their traditional role of order verification, order checking, and dispensing the product to the unit, the new technology is helping to save time for pharmacists. Use of the technology at the Summa Health System-Barberton Campus in Ohio has been beneficial, saving time for pharmacists and technicians even though the amount of time savings has not been fully realized as use of the technology is in early phases.

“It is really helping to improve the patient medication experience by helping to get pharmacy more engaged in the clinical process,” Betsy Martinelli, Senior Manager for Corporate Marketing at Omnicell, said in a statement.

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